4. Speakers/ Resource Persons

Please click on the organisations' names to find out about these ventures.

Ajay Maniar
Aavishkaar Venture Management Services

Amit Jain
eHealth Point

Anindya Chattopadhyay
General Manager (MERIT)
Anudip Foundation

Anshu Gupta
Founder & Director

Dhirendra Kumar, IFS
Managing Director

Elango Rangaswamy
Panchayat President
Kutumbakkam: The Model Village

Gijs Spoor
Founder & CEO
Zameen Organic

Dr Joe Madiath
Executive Director
Gram Vikas

Kirti P Mishra

Mrityunjay Tiwari
Founder-Project Head
Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital

Mukti Bosco
Secretary General
Healing Fields Foundation

Paul Basil
Founder & CEO

Pradeep Ghosh

Pravesh Sharma, IAS
Managing Director
Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium

Sanjeev Srivastwa
Organic Bihar

Satyan Mishra
Founder & MD
Drishtee Foundation

Stan Thekaekara
Just Change India

Sundara Rajan Sampath
Founder & CEO
Janani Agriserve

Dr Vanita Viswanath
Secretary & CEO

Vinay Kumar
Chief Strategist
Digital Green


  1. going through the list of speakers and their organisations i find that almost all of them have a substantial donor support. that is they are not out and out entrepreneurs using risk capital only. that is as it should be because as i have always argued the poor need to be subsidised to access development. however, this then brings up the important question as to why the subsidy should not be to empower the poor and enable them to put pressure on the government to implement welfare measures or even adopt a developmental model that is decentralised and more environmentally and socially just.

  2. Dear Sir/Madame,

    I am a PhD student in the field of social and environmental innovation and management and I just stumbled upon you conference outline, which I think of as great initiative.

    However, what really struck me is that out of twenty speakers there are only two women speaking. How come diversity is not an issue in a field that speaks of social, environmental and economic integration and entrepreneurship? How should situations improve if not even in the highly educated academic field women participate in equal terms?

    I write this comment not to critizise bluntly but to mention this issue, which should be paid attention to and seen as opportunity to be dealt with on the 5th National Conference for Social Entrepreneurship.

    My very best regards and wishes for the success of your conference,
    Marianne Esders